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A Life Metaphor?


Taken along Highway 501 in southern Alberta – August 2006

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So why the Blog?

I get social networking. I just want to do it on my terms.

I have been interested in photography for almost 50 years. I started with a Kodak Flashfun when I was about 10. From the simple Kodak a family friend gave me an Argus A, the earliest adjustable 35mm that was first released in 1936. I purchased a Minolta SR7 35 mm SLR in high school and kept going from there.

I set up my Flickr site in 2006 about the same time I purchased my Canon 20D DSLR. Flickr is enjoyable but doesn’t cover my other interests. My first guitar appeared about the same time as my first camera. And Flickr doesn’t convey the words and ideas that tweak my curiosity.

So, the blog is to explore my other interests I would like to share.

As mentioned above – the words, images and sounds of my passions.

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