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Design Flaw

There is an informal bocce league at my workplace. Teams play most lunch hours. The shot below is two of my colleagues carrying their bocce set. It has wheels but they fell off with such regularity, it was easier for two people to just carry the entire rig. Not exactly the intended use.

Carrying the bocce balls so the wheels don't fall off.

Carrying the bocce balls so the wheels on the cart don’t fall off.


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One of the interesting things about working in a large organization – be it industry, government or academia – is the absurdities you run across from time to time.

I have had to go into my benefits plan to change one of the categories and halfway through the process was greeted by this screen:



It took me a second to read the screen and realize what it said. Since obviously the process was not going well, I phoned our benefits people for help. We walked through the screens together and when we got to the ‘cancel’ screen, I asked about it. The reply was, “oh yes, you are not the first person to comment”. However, it would appear the magic number of people commenting has not been reached, so the screen shall remain. Cue the face palm.

The scariest thought … this makes sense to someone!

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