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We are continuing to get closer to our goal of having three songs recorded before the holidays.

Jim and Don watching Rick do his magic

For the third song, we added the bass and banjo parts since Don had already put down the guitar and vocals. And, we had a special guest. Our buddy Kyle came in and added fiddle parts to two of the three songs. Kyle is a very accomplished performer and really added something special to the tunes.

Kyle in the booth

For me, the bass part wasn’t that tricky. My issue is I don’t play in the booth since we run a direct line from the bass right into the board. The other instrumental parts are recorded using a microphone so they need to be done in insolation. This means I sit with four guys around me watching while I play my part … no pressure. At least in the booth, you don’t have prying eyes watching your mistakes. And we make mistakes – but then Rick is there to fix the mess we make. A few clicks of the mouse and what was broken is right again. It is just amazing to watch Rick move your bass note so it lines up with the exact start of the beat because you were a couple of milliseconds early or late. Magic.

A lot of studio time involves waiting ...

So, soon to be in stores by the holidays … well, not really, but all that is left is to redo one guitar track and then mix and we should have our first recordings finished. In the new year, we will go back in and record enough for a CD. Stay tuned.

Anxious parents awaiting the results


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