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I recently found songza.com, a steaming music service online. I quite like it. There are a lot of different genres of music represented and I have discovered a number of streams that really appeal to my musical sensibilities. At work, it is a godsend. I don’t have to bring my iPod or CDs and the music helps to keep me sane.

But there is one problem and it is the same reason I really resist using the ‘shuffle’ command on my iPod or previously, my CD player. I grew up in the era of the LP album. And if you weren’t listening to music on the radio, it was from an album. And albums presented songs in sequence – like telling a story.

Today, Grand Hotel from Procol Harum was playing – one of my favourites. The next song was by the Faces (Every Picture Tells a Story). One of the great Faces songs, but when it came on, my brain screams; “That’s wrong! – It should be Toujours L’Amour – the second song on the A side of the Grand Hotel album”. I find it amazing that after 40 odd years I still expect the songs to be in ‘correct’ order and it is jarring when they aren’t. A product of my generation I guess.

Cover of "Grand Hotel"

Cover of Grand Hotel


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